Glenys Hanna Martin MP Accuses D’Aguilar Of Lying

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In the press last week, the Tourism and Aviation Minister Dionisio D’Aguilar was busy claiming credit for The Bahamas getting to manage its own airspace and saying that the next step will be that The Bahamas will be able to charge for the use of the airspace. This you will remember was abandoned by the FNM when Hubert Ingraham was last in power. He claimed it would never happen. It happened when the PLP returned to power. Now Mr. D’Aguilar is trying to claim credit for the PLP’s success. Transport Spokesperson for the PLP Glenys Hanna Martin who served once as Minister and negotiated  the agreement on the behalf of the PLP replied on her Facebook page on 17 November 2018:


Please tell D’Aguilar to stop lying! He is merely continuing what he met in place which was hard fought for. Left to this weak and hapless administration, there would never be any talk of airspace. It was the Christie administration which championed that and achieved the historic agreement in April 2017. All D’Aguilar is doing now is working out the mechanics, a process he met in place. Again, I say to the MP for Freetown. STOP LYING!