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We repeat a series of posts by Glenys Hanna Martin, the Shadow Minister of Transport, from her Facebook Page.

Boxing Day On The Commissioner Of Police

As we approach 2020 we must not tolerate the blurring of constitutional lines between the political directorate and the RBPF.
We have constitutional protections as citizens in a democratic state and they must not be compromised under any circumstance.
The COP, in the execution of his mandate according to law, does not work for the PM nor any politician and he must not allow a perception which would bring that into question. He must faithfully, without fear or favour, transparently execute his mandate.
We cannot pretend that we have not already seen some very disturbing indicators.
We must insist on the sanctity of our Constitution. We must demand our freedoms and our protections.
If we do not do so, we shall be doomed.
We cannot tolerate any incursions, abuses or distortions in our democracy.
Freedom is a must!

Boxing Day On Harbour Is Power Failure

2 days ago Bannister was in the media trying to create a distraction by talking about the PLP pre 2017. While he was doing that, Harbour Island was in darkness and has been in darkness for 2 days. The Minister gave no mention, no explanation, no apology, no nothing to the people of Harbour Island , just proceeded with juvenile political trickery. These clowns have no respect for the sensibilities or intellect of the Bahamian people.
He should be aware though that we still have questions about the goings-on at BPL under his watch