Governed By Doctors And The Police –Just Sayin

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The doctor and the policemen who govern us at the handing over ceremony 30th March 2020…

You know when you are feeling ill, you go to the doctor, he or she gives you a prescription and you take the medicine and then you get better. That’s the way doctors behave and so it is no surprise that in this present Covid 19 Crisis they all know that they know what’s good for us and not we ourselves.  Out the window is we must work together to make our health decisions.  So the doctors who run the government are Hubert Minnis and Duane Sands.  They have prescribed for us what we must do and god damn it, we are going to do it or else. Stay your ass inside. They are backed up by a cadre of other command and control trained people, namely people from the Bahamian  military establishment.  You have the  clueless and begrudgeful Marvin Dames, Sergeant Frankie Campbell, Darren Henfield of the RBDF and Elsworth Johnson and Lanisha Rolle, all of them sitting in the Cabinet to decide for us. Then there is the Attorney General who believes that law can be written to do anything the government wants.  This is a perfect recipe for tyranny. The population is at a totally different place from these folks. Watch and see.