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Senator Fred Mitchell with Senators Michael Darville, Jobeth Colby Davis and Clay Sweeting after the Senate met on immigration. 13 May 2019

The Government of Brent Symonette, the Immigration Minister, decided to move the Immigration Amendment Bill through the Senate on 13 May 2019.  That was a tour de force of Uncle Tomism.  The Attorney General Carl Bethel led the way by charging the PLP with race baiting by suggesting that the PLP had renamed the Bill the Brent Symonette Bill. The bill was passed to further the aims of another piece of nefarious legislation called the Commercial Enterprises Act which facilitates certain companies moving in here and getting work permits automatically if the Government does not respond within fourteen days.  This new bill will allow professionals and directors of companies to come into The Bahamas for 14 days so long as they declare at the border that they are here for a meeting.  The abuse of this will be legion.  All eyes were on the man in black one Ranard Henfield who helped the FNM get to power with a fake march just before the general election.  He was rewarded with a Senate seat for his troubles.  He got up and was bobbing and weaving and apologizing because he could not support the bill. He described his limp wristed performance as an act of courage. He is a weakling.  He was threatened by dismissal from the Senate by the Attorney General if he dared vote no.  When the time for voting came, and the question was put, no one called for division and he was able to slip by with the public not knowing what he was doing.  The PLP has pledged to repeal the act when they come back to office.