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The FNM does not listen. They do not like criticism and believe that they have to defend any nonsense in which they engage.  One of the crudest of the PLP’s critics in the last general election was a man named Navarro Saunders.  He has been pretty quiet after the FNM shut his mouth by giving him a job. That didn’t last long because as this video rant by Mr. Saunders shows, all is not well with hurricane relief no matter Hubert Minnis tries to tell us in Parliament. It is a ball of confusion.  Excuse the crude language of Mr. Saunders.

Editor’s note: we wanted to show you the rant for yourself but it appears that Mr Saunders lost his courage and had it deleted… That’s what the PLP has to watch, these people who come running to cuss the FNM but as soon as they get straight, they run for the tall grass …not worth sugar honey ice tea …weak kneed.

if we have a picture of him we should use it instead