Government Slunking On The Bahamians Who Died In Turin

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There is a growing dissatisfaction with how the Italian Government and The Bahamas Government are dealing with the two young men Alrae Ramsey and Blair John who met their deaths in a river in Turin, Italy now almost a month ago. The Italian press seems to know more than the Bahamas Government with a steady drip drip of information which is doing more to sully the reputations of the two men in death than to clarify what happened. The Shadow Foreign Minister Fred Mitchell lashed the Government for not being strong enough in the matter at the press conference held on 19 June 2019 after the Senate.  A Deputy Permeant Secretary has been dispatched reportedly to Italy we are led to understand to bump up the pressure on the Italian Government.  The families of both men are dissatisfied with what is happening and await the bodies being returned.  This was the last statement issued by The Bahamas government on the matter.  The Government does not seem to understand  that the public is animated about this because these are two young men, smart young men, well known and contemporaries of the people who are about to take over the governance of the country and its economy. They have seen two of their contemporaries snatched away from them for no apparent or good reason and want answers. The Government cannot be slunking If they do, they do so at their peril.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Nassau, The Bahamas
19 June 2019

Update Regarding Mr. Alrae Ramsey and Mr. Blair John

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs wishes to inform the general public that the Foreign Service Officer in Turin is now in receipt of the death certificates and passports of Mr. Ramsey and Mr. John. The family members have been advised.

The Ministry is at present working assiduously with the funeral homes in Turin and Nassau to have the bodies repatriated to The Bahamas as quickly as possible, so that they can be turned over to their family members.
The Ministry will provide further updates as soon as additional information becomes available.