GRAND BAHAMA BUS CHAOS (Deidre Martin loses the contract)

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Former bus contractor Kevin Simmons with Senator Fred Mitchell in Freeport on 7 January.

Deidre Martin is the widow of deceased Stalwart Councilor John Martin. She had a contract to bus children to school in Grand Bahama.  The contract one of many throughout the island of Grand Bahama was a five year contract, so done because the banks needed a longer term than three years for the amortization of the mortgage on the bus. As far as anyone knows, Diedre Martin is not involved in any active way in politics.  If you look at her family though, you would guess that she is an FNM supporter.  Most people though simply see her these days as a grandmother who is mainly invested time wise in her grandchildren and surviving the tragic early death of her husband from prostate cancer. Last week 7 January, the busing contract which was a source of income for the widow Martin was stripped away unceremoniously and heartlessly by the FNM administration.  Kevin Ferguson, who also lost a contract for busing, explained that  the buses were stopped without regard to the fact that it was in the middle of the contract and the school year.  That some people who got new contracts, all FNM supporters, did not have buses to take the children to school.  He even said that the Widow Martin was approached about buying her bus the night before the new contracts were to start.  The whole thing blew up in the face of the FNM administration.  Smooth talking Kwasi Thompson, Minister for Grand Bahama pleaded the law.  It was all done in accordance with the terms of the contracts and as far as he knew all the busing issues went smoothly on the first day of school.  It was left to the ham fisted David Thompson, former Minister and MP and Senator, to say to the press in his capacity as FNM Vice Chair what the real deal was.  He said FNMs deserved contracts and it was time to take away contracts for what he called the “All for me baby crowd”.  Presumably he was talking about the Widow Martin when he was speaking about the “All for me baby crowd”.  The FNM goes down on record as having snatched pennies from a widow and they are not ashamed.   May they rot in hell.