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It is past time for the Grand Bahama Port Authority to lose its regulatory authority over life in Freeport.  Last week was the most egregious example of the  outmoded aspect of the  way Freeport is run.  The Grand Bahama Port Authority’s shareholders own the water company that supplies potable water to Freeport.  The Grand Bahama Port Authority is the regulator of the water pricing and other utilities in Freeport.  They announced last month that the water company was applying to the Grand Bahama Port Authority for a rate increase.  Mind you the people in Grand Bahama have been drinking salty water since Hurricane Dorian, but never mind that fact.  Then without consultation as the law requires, the Grand Bahama Port Authority announced last week that they have agreed to a water price increase. Wonders never cease.  So, we ask how long will the Government of The Bahamas allow this to go on.