Grand Cay Without Phone Service

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So our local correspondent told us that last week came a monetary gift to everyone in Grand Cay, a little island off Abaco, of 300 dollars per adult over the age of 21 and senior citizens are to get 500 dollars.  The sums are to be supplied every week reportedly during the emergency.  The money is reportedly supplied by  Carl Allen, the owner of nearby Walker’s Cay, the resort once the playground of former U S President Richard Nixon. Most of the people of Grand Cay work on Walker’s  Cay.  Mr. Allen has also supplied a stellate link for these who want to use the internet.  Reason is that the telephone service is down and neither Aliv or BTC are showing nay interest in fixing it.  We forgot to mention the Government where FNM MP  Darren Henfield is the representative is the missing in action representative.