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He started out with such great promise in the PLP, but within two years crashed and burned.  Now he is engaged in a futile attempt to launch a nationwide party.  He will not save his seat in Grand Bahama in the next election.   Greg Moss, who heads something called the UDP or UDM, tried to become relevant after months of silence.  Last week his party released a press statement which can only be described as a dishonest. Unintelligent, homophobic screed.  It is so embarrassing to see a young man align himself with such patent and utter stupidity and backwardness.  Shame on him.  What is worse though is this propensity of the press and Mr. Moss and others to conflate what is the Government’s position with the position of the Minister of Foreign Affairs personally.  Mr. Moss was attacking the government’s decision to simply support the integrity of the Human Rights Council’s annual report.  It had nothing to do with any gay agenda except in the corkscrew minds of Mr. Moss and those miscreant preachers all of whom lied to the Bahamian people about last year’s gender referendum for which he and they will rot in hell.  There is no doubt that there is dog whistle politics in this.  It is designed to sully Mr. Mitchell personally by saying or more properly implying something about his personal conduct by not saying something about it.  It is nasty and filthy.  For the record, those who live in glass houses should dress in the basement.   That is enough for now but happily if a politician wants to go down that road we know of no of better person than Fred Mitchell to join him.  If one wants to go down that road then other political parties can engage in dog whistle politics as well.  We know the advice will be ignored but keep that nasty do do to yourself.  If Mr. Moss and his party want to succeed as a party, succeed on issues and the facts not nonsense and non sequiturs.  Shame on you.