Greg Moss Is Starting A New Party

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cialis sales viagra times;”>Just when you think that politics in The Bahamas can get no more insane, prostate someone else shatters that picture.  Greg Moss, sick the MP for Marco City, who left the PLP in a huff earlier this year announced on radio last week that he is going to form a fourth political party.  Lord help us, not another one.  Mr. Moss was quickly trashed by the major parties.  The Chairman of the FNM Michael Pintard said that Mr. Moss won’t even win his seat.  We agree.  The Chairman of the PLP Bradley Roberts said that the new party will be still born.  The whole thing makes no sense.  We agree with the party Chairs.  His best bet is to see if can make a go of Bran McCartney’s third party.  That party will not get of the ground either.  Mr. Moss ‘only problem is he wants to be leader of the party.  In that he shares a similar problem with Branville McCartney.  Two fellows who like to preen and look at themselves in the mirror will have a problem being in the same hen house. Only one rooster allowed.  So Mr. Moss says that he will bring legislation to the House.  How will he get it to first reading without a seconder is going to be interesting? How he will get to debate it is another matter?  Life is going to be interesting. Maybe Andre Rollins will help him out by being a seconder.  That is if the two of them can agree on anything.  We shall see.