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Dwight Strachan gets it wrong

Fred Mitchell was shocked out of his socks when on the morning of Thursday 6 April 2023, Dwight Strachan and his co-announcer, began a vicious attack on the statement issued by him as Chair of the PLP on the Privy Council’s ruling in the case of Ngumi vs The Attorney General.  The pair on Guardian radio was in full-throated FNM mode and defence when they launched into: “ why did he even bother to issue the statement?”.  The statement congratulated the Attorney General Ryan Pinder for winning the case against the extortionate demands of the attorney Fred Smith KC.  Mr. Smith’s money demands were described as being fantasyland by the Court of Appeal.  The Privy Council approved the Court of Appeals judgment, save for a calculation error made on the time of detention of the subject. Apart from that, Fred Smith K C went down in flames.  But you wouldn’t have thought that from the Bahamian press who went along with the Fred Smith inspired, fake human rights association’s claim that they had won some great victory, when in fact they had lost on every point but one.  How sad.