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There was an editorial in The Nassau Guardian in two parts last week in which it praised the present government for its immigration policies. The Guardian claimed that the policies of the PLP on immigration were confusing.  This is a lie.  The Guardian has a visceral hatred of the PLP which it cannot overcome.  This makes it fall into error repeatedly on the facts.  The fact is the immigration policies of the government have not changed. Contrary to what the paper asserted, there was no confusion at all with the PLP’s policies. There were two simple policies.  Everyone had to have the passport of their nationality.  The other is you had to apply for a work permit in The Bahamas.  You had to be in your home country to do so. The only ones confused were Fred Smith and his stupid fellow travelers who were intent on causing and making confusion. Their efforts helped smugglers to bring illegals into this country.  Then they would help them get out of the detention centre.  The process remains in place and the rules have not been changed by the FNM. The FNM has simply made immigration a  money makings scheme by raising the price of work permits. This simply feeds corruption .  Notwithstanding the boasts of the government the backlog of citizenship matters remains.  People still complain that it takes too long to get an answer  from immigration on simple work permits, permanent residence or citizenship applications. What has changed now is that foreigners largely from the developed world can walk into The Bahamas and without a permit begin working.  This is taking jobs away from Bahamians. That is what the Gaudian calls changes for the good.  Lord save us from these people. As for the decision to clog up the courts with illegal migrants before sending them back home.  This is foolish. The PLP should reverse it and simply enable them to send them straight back home.