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Prime Minister Perry Christie showed up to speak at the Haitian Flag Day being celebrated in The Bahamas by Haitians every year on 14 May. It is a Haitian National Holiday.  Bahamians don’t like ti one bit it seems as many see it as the coming creep of Haitians taking over the country.  The Prime Minister Perry Christie reminded the crowd of 100 souls in the Botanical Gardens in Nassau that the first Black MP was Stephen Dillette and he was Haitian.  He said one day another Haitian may come to be in the House like Mr. Dillette for 30 consecutive years.   The old line Bahamian crowd were not having any of that.  They claimed that what the Haitians were doing was disrespectful to the country and violated the law which says that if a foreign flag is flown and Bahamian flag must be flown in equal prominence, like the photo shows,  In the audience for Haitian Flag Day was Frankie Campbell, a first generation Bahamian with a Haitian mother, who is the FNM’s candidate for Southern Shores whose whole campaign is organizing the Haitian community in that constituency to take Ken Dorsett, the PLP Minister out. We are warned, we see him coming.  We have to stop him.