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The day was to be a day to mark the 60th anniversary of women exercising the vote for the first time. 23 November 2022 in the Houses of Assembly.  The actual date is 26 November. The women were gathering and MPs were preparing for that. 

The day was also the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Progressive Liberal Party, the party that made it possible for there to be a free press and for the youngsters today to exercise all the freedoms they have.  But the press of The Bahamas was not interested in that.  What they were interested in was FTX and whether the PLP MPs had any investments in FTX.

The Prime Minister Philip Davis said that he was not aware of any PLP who had.  Allyson Maynard Gibson the lawyer for FTX said that she wasn’t there to talk about that.  Mario Bowleg, the Sports Minister, said if he had known it was a good thing to invest in, he might have. 

Fred Mitchell,  PLP Chairman, sucked his teeth and walked away.  He told them if they wanted to ask questions they could come to the press event at the PLP’s Headquarters where the PLP members were celebrating the 69th anniversary of the PLP.   None of them showed.

 Then the intrepid Juan McCartney, took to the airwaves to denounce the fact that the Chairman of the PLP had said according to him when asked if the PLP got any money from FTX, the Chair said “ None of your damn business”.  They tried to make a meal out of that. Of course, these literal  dumbos don’t understand sarcasm if it hits them in the face. Maybe he had one drink too many that day.

This is all harassment over a nothing burger.

There are company failures every day. Some voluntary, some involuntary.  Bahamar failed and we are still in the race.  Banco Ambrosiano failed and we are still here. So nothing that has happened with FTX will cause any material effect on The Bahamas. The FNM and their press buddies need to look elsewhere.