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3161473There is a thing called overreach.  It happens all the time when leaders, particularly inexperienced leaders like Renard Henfield, take themselves and their powers too seriously.  They get lost in their new found fame and then think that they have powers that they don’t have.   Such is the place that Renard Henfield now finds himself in.   Mr. Henfield has one success, the Black Friday march.  He had all the FNMs and DNAs in a frenzy and they all one thousand or so of them marched to Bay Street.  After the march, most of them had to soak their tired bodies in salts in their bath tubs and rub the corns on their feet.  They were busy patting themselves on the back for showing the PLP what they could do but they are out of breath.  Tired old war horses and battle axes.

They or he now says he wants another march if the Government doesn’t do what he asks.  He refuses to meet the Prime Minister and says that the Prime Minister must address the nation or a general strike is going to be called.  This man needs to tighten up his screws.

Even the Nassau Guardian which backs his destruction of the PLP thought that it was a bad idea.  On Friday 3 December they wrote an editorial under the headline:  A Stupid Suggestion By A Young Activist

They went further in the piece itself to say that he has become intoxicated with self-importance and over assumed his power.  We agree.  Mr. Henfield now claims that he was taken out of context.

We call it overreach.

The man was again in the press.  This time he says that he is going to step back from the movement he started.  That comes after saying that there will be a march once again on 9 January, obviously trying to compare what he is doing with the Majority Rule Celebrations and commemorations which will mark 50 years next month.  He is lost in space.  This does not, is not in the same league as the march to majority rule.  This fellow must be put in his place.  He and his follows are delusional.  This is a perfect time for the PLP to show that it is a disciplined organization and on 10th January the 50th anniversary of their first election victory mount a march which will show this pretender what a march really is.  It can also at the same time tell the Speaker that it is not a wise idea to call your own fish stink.  No matter what he does or say, those folk he may be trying to please are not for him and they won’t support him.

So let’s put this fellow Henfield in his place.