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Over the weekend, a Facebook user launched a malicious attack on my page on a senior citizen. The things he was telling that lady about under her skirt left her embarrassed, offended and disappointed. In an effort to deflect his anger to me, I engaged him. He went off on me as expected and discontinued his attack on her. It made a turn for the worst when he crossed the line again and said that he wants to get sexual with my mother! In that moment, I blew my top and used a derogatory phrase in response to him.


It was an offensive phrase and I apologize for using it in response to what he said about my mother. Later that day I deleted the post not only because of what he said to the older lady and about my mom, but because of what I referred to him as.


People are entitled to free speech – sometimes they cross the line and our emotions kick in – especially if it’s about our mothers. Nonetheless, my response immediately after he said what he’d like to do to my mother was disrespectful.