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viagra canada sildenafil times;”>The photo of all the Heads of delegations from across the Caribbean who were in Nassau on 4th June for the High Level Dialogue on citizen security with the United States.  The Prime Minister officially kicked off the dialogue with an address giving his ideas on security, and amongst them his impatience with the law enforcement agencies in The Bahamas in fighting crime. He repeated his message that we must ensure that the sense of joblessness and hopelessness among young people is addressed.  He said if we ignore it we do so at our peril.  The photo shows in the front Fred Mitchell, troche Foreign Minister of The Bahamas; Robert Jacobsen, Assistant Secretary of State for the Western Hemisphere in the U S State Department; the Prime Minister; the Minister of National Security Bernard Nottage;  the Attorney General and Homes Affairs Minister of Barbados  Adriel Braithwaite and Assistant Secretary General of Caricom Colin Granderson. 

You may click here for the Prime Minister’s full statement: