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(Editor’s note: So we publish today something from Fred Mitchell Minute By Minute on Facebook, done by Mr. Mitchell himself during his morning run showing the state of homelessness in the pandemic under Hubert Minnis. The FNM trolls were but misusing the comment column on the post to print nasty stuff about Mr. Mitchell. The usual last refuge of scoundrels.  Get personal.  One of them John Lewis said Mr. Mitchell  should grow up.  Mr. Mitchell deleted  all the negative posts and blocked them.  A message appears warning FNMs not to use the platform to post negative stuff or they will be blocked.  It they want to vent their spleen, go on an FNM site.)

SOUND ASLEEP ON THE GOVERNMENT GROUNDS: amidst the garbage and the seaweed, these gents were sheltering in place at the Potter’s Cay abutment 6:25 a.m. Friday 7 August 2020. They must not have read or seen Dr. Hubert Minnis’ orders. Well don’t wake them up. Long as they are asleep they are fine. Welcome to the Minnis’ Bahamas. As Grammy used to say: ” signs and wonders”.