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The Bahamas is on the defensive again.  Last week, generic viagra the Internal Consortium of Investigative Journalists went after The Bahamas Financial Services sector.  This was the hatchet job that was done on the Panamanian Financial Services Sector.  Someone breached the data base of the Bahamas Registry and revealed the names of people who are directors of companies in The Bahamas.  They included a high profile Cabinet Minister in the United Kingdom.  So here we go again.  In the same week, the Economist, the financial magazine, said in its commentary that The Bahamas was not complying with international best practices when it comes to exchange of banking information.  The Bahamas chose the bi lateral approach instead of the automatic exchange across the board.  The magazine accused the country of being stubborn on the question.  This is really tiresome.  Hope Strachan is the Minister responsible for promoting and defending the sector.  She spoke at the Nassau Conference 2015 Association of International Banks and Trust Companies on 21 September.  You may click here for the full statement.