How The Rank and File See The FNM Effort

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generic cialis click times;”>The FNMs are despairing at the base level.  They see two tired old horses in  one of whom is  Frank Watson who are trying to give the party back to the UBP.  Then there is Peter Turnquest who acts like to the manor born.  Then there is in the background Hubert Ingraham who just wants it because he can.  At the moment they think that the safest bet is steady as she geos Hubert Minnis as their leader.  They have no confidence in Loretta Butler Turner who they say was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and doesn’t know how to control her mouth.  Their feeling is stick with Dr. Minnis.  They believe that the PLP cannot be rescued from the present funk because the job market is not going to recover, cialis buy   people are tired of the PLP they say because there are no jobs and there is no money in the economy and the PLP has a leader who is broadly unpopular.  According to them, all Dr. Minnis has to do is sit wait, and be steady and it is handed back to him.  Their feeling is that if anything is done to disturb that steadiness then the PLP will get back in.