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Description: C:UsersDESKTOP-8PKA40TDownloadsIMG-20160730-WA0164.jpg

discount cialis times, sildenafil serif;”>The press reported that Loretta Butler Turner confirmed that her team was engaged in some internal negotiations o see if a role could be worked out for her and accomplish party unity after a pretty bruising contest last week in the FNM convention in which she got her ass kicked to the curb by Hubert Minnis, the now and then party leader.  Dr. Duane Sans, with his smart and big mouth, who promised to resign if Dr. Minnis became the leader is once again a loser but he has softened his tone.  He says that he is no longer considering resigning.  We say to Dr. Minnis, his mouth was too hard.  He said too many harsh and unkind things.  He should resign from the Senate or fire his ass.  The word is that Hubert Ingraham, a dead horse, who had to put aside his plans to come back in shame when the public told him he was not wanted, is trying to rule from the grave by insisting that Loretta Butler Turner should have a role. His side reportedly demanded the following: 1) Provide for two deputies (and guarantee one for Loretta); 

2) Have  Sidney Collie step aside  as Chairman of the FNM in favour of Alvin Smith, who is a former Speaker but these days is reduced to carrying Mr. Ingraham’s bags around. See the picture on them boarding Bahamasair on Saturday 30th July. Ingraham looking morbidly obese and Alvin Smith carrying the bags. Sigh.  Dr. Minnis said no way. We agree no effen way.  To the winner goes the spoils.