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Prime Minister Hubert Minnis
Carl Culmer FNM Chair

Last week both the Prime Minister Hubert Minnis and the Chairman of the Free National Movement felt the need to answer Senator Fred Mitchell who claimed in the press a week before that the signs were clear that the Prime Minister intends to call an early election. They both claimed with their eyes wide open that there is going to be no early election.  Dr. Minnis repeated the earlier version of the lie that he intends to serve out the five year term. The Chairman said he speaks to the Prime Minister every day and there will no early election.  Now we all know that the FNM lies with their eyes wide open. They lie at a drop of hat. They came to office on a tissue of lies. So who the heck will believe them now? The signs are unmistakable,  Things will not get better but worse for them this year and so the thought is they had better go now before the real rot sets in.  But whatever, the position, the PLP will be ready to fight. When summer time comes and the economy is in the real doldrums what will they have to say to people?