Hubert Minnis Clueless On Corruption

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generic cialis times;”>Hubert Minnis, the hapless, helpless and hopeless Leader of the Opposition, charged last week at a political meeting on Thursday 28 April that the PLP is corrupt, that he intends to pass special measures if he becomes PM to deal with corruption through a special prosecutor.  He was also on his soap box chastising MPs who have not disclosed their income assets and liabilities pursuant to the Public Disclosure Act.  Two responses. First, he really has a nerve to talk about corruption when the only people who are known to have been involved in corruption is the one before the courts now and the name of a former FNM politician called in the case.  They are both FNMs, not PLPs. Secondly,  the  man needs to read the law on public disclosure.  In order for a charge to be brought, a report has to be made by the Disclosure Commission to the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition and one of them can then initiate a legal action.  The Attorney General has then to decide whether to prosecute.  So he is a major agent in the matter since he is the Leader of the Opposition.  Clearly, the Commission has not made any report to him.  Next he cannot control  prosecutions through  an “ independent” prosecutor.  There is no such thing.   Unless he amends the constitution, the Attorney General will continue in law to have the total superintendence of prosecutions. Further, there is a provision in the law which allows the obligation to disclose to be postponed for thirty days. For example Fred Mitchell MP took advantage of that position. Then the law itself says that you have to prove that the person did not disclose deliberately.  Not easy right?  He comes off as a man who is in a position and has no clue what he is to do.