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Politics is a strange and fortuitous business.  If you were a betting person before the last general election, generic cialis seek there is no way in hell you would have put a bet on Hubert Minnis emerging as the Leader of the Opposition and leader of the Free National Movement.  He doesn’t match up at all to Hubert Ingraham or to Cecil Wallace Whitfield and the other stream of luminaries that have headed that organization.  Leadership hasn’t reached this level in the Opposition since Cyril Tynes just happened to get the job since he was there and no one else could take it.

Now if PLPs are thinking that, cialis generic judge what must be going on in the mind of someone like Loretta Butler Turner who must be saying to herself the same thing?  Put that together with the fact that she is a woman and this is a woman’s time or so she thinks, that makes for a potent challenge to Dr. Minnis who comes off as hapless.

His speech for example in the church at the Ed Moxey funeral last Friday just didn’t match up with the statesman like quality which is expected on those occasions.  He was playing to the basest instincts of his base, rehashing old stories of Ed Moxey and how he was discriminated against  in a church service where the officers of the state who had nothing to with all of that where arrayed.  It was just bad form.  That is the problem which Mrs. Butler Turner sees.

She on the other hand has a booming voice; she has the balls to challenge any and everything and is so shameless that no brickbat against her fazes her.   The FNM base which is rowdy, raucous and disrespectful by nature loves that kind of thing.  Problem is: will it be enough to win the leadership of the FNM.

Senator Carl Bethel who is the second generation of the FNM and comes from the bone fides of the Foulkes clan by marriage and his mom’s own advocacy is very much in the corner of Dr. Minnis.  He is able to deliver the goods and speak with authority for Dr. Minnis and Dr. Minnis apparently trusts him implicitly. That’s a sure signal that the traditional FNM is for the moment placing their bets on Dr. Minnis.

Somewhere lurking in the background however is the evil one, who led the party just before the last election and was our Prime Minister.  He is said to be plotting and scheming on the comeback trail, jonesing for power.  He hasn’t quite decided whether to dump Dr. Minnis by backing Loretta Butler Turner’s insurgency or support Dr. Minnis as the best bet for now, short of himself.  He remembers how Loretta used to be late for work.  She is still late for Parliament.  She is heavy smoker and boozer.  He was not satisfied with her performance as a Minister of State.

Seems to us that when they look around, the answer is still Dr. Hubert Minnis.  Politics being as fortuitous as it is, it simply depends a lot on staying power, and what the mood of the public is at the time of the general election.

Which brings us to the PLP.  Knowing all of this about the fortuitous nature of politics, we cannot keep saying to ourselves that because Dr. Minnis is hapless and mangles the Queen’s English that makes him unfit as a successor to Perry Christie.  Three quarters of the country mangle the Queen’s English so that doesn’t matter to them at all.  We the PLP still have to be in shape to fight the election.  We have to have donors to pay for the election.  We have to have our people satisfied that we were able to control the public administration to the extent that we delivered for them and the country.  That is what we have to do, not look at Dr

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. Minnis.

The FNM should know and Hubert Ingraham should know and the PLP should know that Hubert Minnis is not Tommy Turnquest who was once  described by Hubert Ingraham as having been born with a silver spoon in his mouth.  Mr. Turnquest had a disastrous stint as Leader of the FNM.  Dr. Minnis does not intend to repeat that. He’s got a brother named Cyril who they call Boxer who will go to the mat to keep him there.  He is formidable in that enterprise.  Dr. Minnis has the money to carry the party at this time and he who pays the piper calls the tune.  Both the PLP and FNM should be well advised.

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