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Hubert Minnis, the former Prime Minister, must be punch drunk after that shellacking that he and his party received at the hands of the Bahamian people on 16 September 2021.  That must be the explanation for his public commentaries since that election day loss.

We start with this: Dr. Minnis showed up on 6 October 2021 at the Bahamar convention centre to get sworn in as a Member of Parliament.  As a legal fact, you cannot get paid until you get sworn in.  That’s the first day of work so to speak. So that must be the explanation for his coming to work despite what he had said just before coming there.

So just before coming there, he issued a statement on behalf of the Free National Movement saying that the forum was unconstitutional because the Governor General had issued a proclamation for the House to reconvene after the election in the city of Nassau and Bahamar was outside the city of Nassau.  He said in order for it to be lawful, the Governor General had to issue a new proclamation.

So wouldn’t you think, the fellow would check to see if he were correct before making the statement? First, you have to say why would you show up to a forum that you said was illegal and unconstitutional?  If that were something you believed, then you should not have been there. 

Secondly, the former Prime Minister still has access to the phone and the officials: he could have called the Secretary to the Cabinet.  He could have called the Governor General himself.  He could have asked for the Gazette where the new proclamation was published.

That is why we say, he must have been punch drunk.

Mama used to say better to be silent and thought a fool, than open your mouth and it be confirmed that by God you are one.