Illegals Discovered In Inagua

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The past week saw 58 Haitians caught trying to enter the country illegally in Exuma.  By week’s end 110 more in Inagua.  There was also a report that three Bahamians were threatened by Haitians who tossed them off their boat, stole it and they had to swim back to shore, one and a half miles off Inagua. The Bahamian public is  panicked by what they see as a invasion of their country which the Government does not take seriously enough.  While immigration acted swiftly, there was no presence of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force. The people of Inagua are saying that they feel neglected and vulnerable in the face of an invasion of illegal migrants from Haiti,

Immigration interdicted 110 Haitian illegal migrants on Rat Point in Inagua 15 November 2019