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What are the facts on the Government’s budget process?  What is the state of the Bahamian economy?  If your read the propaganda piece which the International Monetary Fund put out last week following a  staff visit to the country, you would think that everything in hunky dory.  According to them, there is going to be a mild contraction and that the FNM did right when it sought under the new Fiscal Responsibility legislation to seek leave to deviate from the targets because of Hurricane Dorian.  Thank God for Hurricane Dorian. The FNM can now blame everything on Hurricane Dorian.  They are now committed to borrowing an additional 587 million dollars to prop up the economy.  They say it’s for Hurricane Dorian but slipped in 122 million in that amount for expenses which have nothing to do with Hurricane Dorian but everything to do with the fact that they lied to the Parliament last year at Budget time and did not put in these expenses that they knew were necessary in the budget just so they could paint a pretty budget picture.  That is the problem with Peter Turnquest and the Ministry of Finance under Hubert Minnis and Mr. Turnquest. They cannot be relied on to tell the truth on our budget.  Everything is propaganda, FNM narratives, lies and sleights of hand.  What we know is that on the ground, no one feels the FNM and no one has any money.  The level of begging is unprecedented.  This is not The Bahamas that we used to know, not even two years ago. Blame the FNM.  They did it.  They created this mess in two and a half short years.