In Britain It’s The End Of May

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Theresa May, the British Prime Minister, has gone down in flames. Last week she announced that she is stepping down as the head of the governing Conservative Party in the U.K., which means the end of her being Prime Minister.  She lasted long: three years.  She is a dim wit and a casualty of the stupid decision of her predecessor David Cameron, full of the insipid British hubris, to call a referendum on the continuance of Britain in the E. U. He lost and had to go. She won and couldn’t deliver it.  The British just seem all mixed up now. Looks like they are about to put another twit, a racist to boot named  Boris Johnson to be Prime Minister. He is lost in the glow of the long done empire. Dream on brother.  The people who will succeed her can do no better than crash out.  The decision to leave the EU was a stupid nationalist decision, grounded in a false sense of national pride. Britain’s future is in Europe and they should just cancel the whole damn thing. That would be best.