In Passing

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Bishop Albert Hepburn Passes Away

07/03/22 1:21 PM

A state recognized funeral will be held for Bishop Albert Hepburn.  The following statement was issued by the Prime Minister Philip Davis upon the Bishop’s passing:

For Immediate Release

30 June 2022

 I learned this evening of the passing of my friend, big brother and religious confidante Bishop Albert Hepburn.  He was a fellow Cat Islander.  He was 89 when he passed.  I was able to see him during his final illness and we exchanged fond and fraternal greetings in what has turned out sadly to be our expressions of farewell.

I am deeply saddened by this passing.  He served the religious community with diligence and faithfulness. He was a former President of the Bahamas Christian Council.  He pastored the United  Christian Cathedral in Lincoln Boulevard and in Flamingo Gardens. He was a beloved pastor. He was a supporter of the progressive cause.

Tonight then as I express my condolences on behalf of the party to his family, I say we have lost a great Cat Islander and a great Bahamian. He no doubt joins in glory his wife who predeceased him and he is survived by ten children,

May he rest in peace



Whoopie Goldberg Visits

07/03/22 1:13 PM

Hostess Brenda Whylly at VIP Lynden Pindling International Airport poses with Whoopee Goldberg, star of the U S TV programme The View as she ended her week long TV stay in Nassau.


Flag Day In The Bahamas

07/03/22 1:06 PM

Friday 1 July 2022

Picewell Forbes, Chair of the Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas, at Flag Day marking the start of the 49th anniversary of the Independence of The Bahamas.

The RBDF mark Flag Day at the Office of the Prime Minister


Visiting The Memorial In Kigali

07/03/22 1:06 PM

At the Kigali, Rwanda Memorial in memory of the 800,000 plus killed between April and July of 1994. The world did nothing to stop it. The country has made a remarkable recovery and this memorial is a tribute to those who died and in memory of them… a moving tribute. May they rest in peace. Never again. With Fred Mitchell, Foreign Minister, High Commissioner Ellison Greenslade, Foreign Service Officers Marchea Mackey, Kimeco Sands and Inspector Bernard Ferguson. 26 June 2022


Returning Home Thru Kenya

07/03/22 1:06 PM

In the lounge in the layover in Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi. Signing the guest book. Posing with the portrait of President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya and Prime Minister Philip Davis with High Commissioner Ellison Greenslade and Ambassador Peris Kariuki of Kenya in the State Lounge. Next stop London then Nassau. No matter where in the world you roam, The Bahamas is our happy home. 29 June 2022. Very gracious hospitality.