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05/28/23 11:32 AM

Tribune photo of family celebrating jury verdict

On 26 December 2021 Azario Major lost his life in a hail of bullets all fired by the police.  From the start, the questions were asked about the death.  Most people believed that the police intentionally killed the man without justification. The matter finally came before the coroner last week and the jury decided that the death was a homicide.  The Acting Commissioner of Police Learmond Delaveaux said that the matter now goes to the DPP for a determination as to whether charges will be brought.  The family of Mr. Major said that they feel vindicated.



05/28/23 11:26 AM

( File photo)

The Vice President of the United States Kamala Harris is to visit The Bahamas over two days beginning Tuesday 30 May 2023.  The visit is a follow-up to the Summit of the Americas process when the Caricom leaders met with President Joseph Biden to iron out a pathway for American engagement with the region.  The other Caricom leaders plus the Dominican Republic will attend the summit.



05/28/23 11:21 AM

Caricom is proposing a meeting with the stakeholders of the political scene in Haiti in Kingston, Jamaica in early June.  No one knows whether it will work but nothing so far has worked because the situation in Haiti is so politically intractable. We have argued here that there simply needs to be containment.  The forces should simply block the migration from Haiti and allow the Haitians to fight out their problems until they come to sensible solutions.  Caricom has no heft except with the support of the United States and Canada and those two countries have essentially thrown their hands up in the air and tried to fob off the responsibilities in the matter to the nations of Caricom. The Haitians don’t respect Caricom and will not conform to anything unless the powerful countries are involved.  Anyway, the group has called into being three former Prime Ministers: Kenny Anthony of St Lucia, Bruce Godling of Jamaica, and Peery Christie of The Bahamas to try and work out a compromise and a way forward.  Let’s hope for the sake of the region that what they do works.


The Fox Hill Branch Elections

05/28/23 11:18 AM

The newly elected Fox Hill PLP Branch team headed by Ida Symonette, Chairman, with Fred Mitchell MP after elections conducted by Vice Chairman PLP Obie Robers. FROM LEFT: Front Line: Jamal Davis, NGC Representative; Taunya Chea, Secretary; Tazman Darling, 1st Vice Chair; Jacklin Brice, Public Relations Officer; Ida Symonette, Branch Chair; Paula Balfour, Asst. Secretary; Floria Smith, Treasurer; Ella Collie, Sargent-at-Arms. Back Line: Preston Albury Jr., 2nd Vice Chair; Yvonne Rolle, Chaplin and Arkeil Rolle, Youth Officer. 25 May 2023.


The PYL In Conclave

05/28/23 11:10 AM

Fred Mitchell MP and PLP Chair with PLP PYL Chair Jordan Clarke and his executives of OYL at the end of the PYL Conclave with colleague Ministers Basil McIntosh, JoBeth Coleby Davis, Pia Glover Rolle, Clay Sweeting, and Zane Lightbourne at Courtyard Marriott 27 May 2023