Nurses Call In Sick

08/01/21 1:53 PM

30 July 2021

Grand Bahama Health Services executive management confirmed today that more than seventeen (17) nurses at the Rand Memorial Hospital in Freeport, Grand Bahama called in sick today in an apparent sickout.

Hospital officials confirm that the first calls came in ahead of the 8am and 3pm shifts respectively. They add that there has been no communication from the Bahamas Nurses Union regarding the apparent industrial action.

The alleged sick-out of nurses comes at a time when the Rand Memorial Hospital is already experiencing a nursing shortage, and against efforts to mitigate services during a pandemic which has strained resources.

Hospital Administrator Mrs. Sharon Williams said, “This major setback has affected the Rand Memorial Hospital’s wards and Inpatient Services as these areas were most negatively affected as a result of the sick-out.”

However, she added “Measures were taken to redeploy nursing staff that reported to work in strategic areas to maintain our ability to provide health care to our patients.”

Management will continue to monitor this turn of events and assures the public that all will be done to ensure the clients receive continuous optimal health care. 


We Should Get The Chinese Vaccine

08/01/21 1:53 PM

The Dominican Republic just to the south of us had a problem. They could not from all their sources access the vaccines of the West.  The timebomb of infections from covid was growing and what was the  answer? They turned to China and got the Chinese vaccine Sinovac.   Today some 5O per cent of the population of the DR is vaccinated compared to ten per cent in our own country.  The vaccines are approved by the World Health Organization.  The Chinese government has  volunteered to give the vaccines to The Bahamas.  They have distributed some 700 million worldwide but this Government refuses because of prejudice against the Chinese. In the meantime, people are dying.


Pindling’s Wedding Anniversary Photos With Senator Fred Mitchell

08/01/21 1:51 PM

Senator Fred Mitchell, then Managing Editor of The Herald, the PLP’s newspaper at the 25th anniversary celebration of the marriage of Prime Minister Lynden Pindling as he then was and the now Dame Marguerite at the Pindling Home in Skyline Drive in 1981. From left Hon George Smith, the then Lourey Smith, Dame Marguerite, Senator Mitchell and the late Arnold Cargill. Photo by Peter Ramsay.