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Fred Mitchell Reflects on Grand Bahama

11/27/22 4:18 PM

I have been away from Grand Bahama for too long. It is a place that rivals Exuma for the claim to paradise. This photo is a reflection after the morning run. I see where the old domestic departure terminal for Bahamasair is being repaired. Praise God. I assume, thanks to the Minister of Tourism, that Canadian tourists are back and should have a proper departure point. This only heightens my anger at the absolute stupidity and shortsightedness of the Hubert Minnis FNM administration: in not simply making the owners of the airport repair it after the hurricane. Instead, they let them get clean away. Grand Bahama lost pre-clearance as a result. There has been no hurricane for three years, and the old U.S. departure terminal sits idle, a testament to FNM incompetence. It could have been repaired and used. Pre-clearance would still have been here, and the place would have been jumping. Now it’s our turn to fix it. This must not be a paradise lost. Love you Grand Bahama.

Fred Mitchell


Progressive Liberal Party

26 November 2022



11/27/22 12:38 PM

The poor Leader of the Opposition Michael Pintard, he has to worry about so much going on in his own organization. There is a rearguard flank that is trying to unseat him.  There you have at the head of the attempt the former Prime Minister Hubert Minnis, who disregards party discipline and does what he damn well pleases. That means that the FNM leader can’t concentrate and is flailing all over the place trying to make headlines and falling flat.  The latest was storming the battlements at the Office of the Prime Minister to demand that the PLP says whether any PLP spoke to people at  FTX.  He has a fixation about FTX and has been trying to pin the failure of FTX on the PLP. But hang on a second, was that not Kwasi Thompson back in the spring of this year, their Finance Shadow Minister, praising FTX and saying how happy he was that the FNM licensed FTX and that his only sorrow was that it was not in Grand Bahama instead of Nassau.  What a  web we weave when first we practice to deceive. The FNM is one big joke.


Thanksgiving Lunch In Fox Hill

11/27/22 12:27 PM

Scenes from the Seniors Luncheon today at the Fox Hill Community Centre. 24 November 2022.  The photo shows the full hall at the Community Centre and the presentation of a thank you gift to Rev. Patrick Rahming and Mrs. Rahming of Mt Carey Baptist Church for the message on the occasion.


Minnis’ People Says He Has The Votes

11/27/22 12:04 PM

The former Prime Minister Hubert Minnis’ supporters say he is within one vote in the Parliamentary group of the FNM to take back the reins of leadership from Michael Pintard. His supporters say sometime this week that may be confirmed, and the Parliamentarism of the FNM will pull another: Loretta Butler-Turner and go to the Governor General and remove Mr. Pintard.  That would not be wise since it would leave Mr. Pintard with the party base and all Mr. Minnis would have is the MPs.  He will be wiped out when the election comes.