04/21/24 12:13 PM

Up from the political grave arose former MP Frederick McAlpine.  When he was serving in the House of Assembly under former Prime Minister Hubert Minnis, he used to have quite thoughtful and challenging interventions.  So some of us paused to hear what he had to say at his live press conference on 15 April 2024.  Alas, he spoke rubbish in defence of the indefensible Grand Bahama Port Authority.  The Grand Baham Port Authority cannot even finish the bridge to East Grand Bahama, not to talk about their abandoning the airport to the Government for one dollar, yet Mr. McAlpine and his fellow travelers in the FNM say they wish the PLP to do nothing.  They want the place to continue to sink. It is sad.  We hope he gets the political donation from the Grand Bahama Port Authority since he and the FNM are singing the Grand Bahama Port Authority’s anthem so loudly. We hope that the FNM decides that he can get their nomination this time.  But no matter what: cut ass is coming.



04/21/24 12:10 PM

In a moving ceremony at St Agnes Anglican Church on Friday 19 April 2024, in Grants Town, where his foster father Archdeacon Cartwright is the rector, and conducted by his Lordship the Bishop Laish Boyd, Don Saunders at 49 years old, killed in cold blood by two knuckleheads, was laid to rest.  He was buried in St Agnes Cemetery.  The funeral was a state recognised funeral, and the Prime Minister Philip Davis was there, representing the state.  The younger Cabinet members and Parliamentarians, his contemporaries, and the FNM leadership were there.  A sad ending, to a life well lived. We will meet you in the morning.



04/21/24 12:07 PM

Sports Minister refutes the claims of the FNM and the Auditor General about an overspend

People have asked why is it that the Auditor General whenever the PLP is in power is able to simply fly in from the top, without notice and audit your books, then issue a “ gotcha report”.  The question was asked again last week when a report was tabled in the House of Assembly on Wednesday 17 April 2024.  The report was an out-and-out attack, at least as interpreted by the intrepid Bahamian press, as an accusation of malfeasance and misappropriation of funds by the PLP government in the support of sports.  They used the word “overspend” in the papers but what they meant was “tief”.  The Auditor General is an established constitutional post.  That post has the same protection as a Judge of the Supreme Court, so effectively the person cannot be removed except for cause. We send this message.  The FNM and their allies are embarrassed at the successes of the PLP in sports.  The FNM was a complete and abject failure in sports. What do they do then?  They sully the sports accomplishments by saying the PLP stole money.  It is the oldest trick in the books.  The people of the country should not fall for that trick again.


A Visit With Shippen Bright and Holly Ulrich In New Hampshire

04/21/24 12:00 PM

Fred Mitchell paid a courtesy visit to Shippen Bright and his wife Holly Ulrich in their hometown in Exeter, New Hampshire, USA. Mr Bright, a navy veteran and fellow Kennedy School, Harvard University alum of Mr Mitchell, is a long time friend and benefactor of The Bahamas with support for environmental projects in Small Hope Bay, Andros. Most recently in 2019 was a Fulbright recipient at the University of The Bahamas and his wife Holly ran the World Central Kitchen programme in Nassau in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian. The visit was simply to acknowledge the friendship and to say thank you. 18 April 2024


Police Men  Go For Training

04/21/24 11:58 AM

Fred Mitchell congratulates and with the leave of the Prime Minister and the concurrence of the Minister of National Security and the support of the Commissioner of Police bids best wishes at LPIA to mid-level management officers of the Royal Bahamas Police Force on a one-month leadership course at the International Leadership Program, College of Policing London, United Kingdom. From left to right:
Assistant Superintendent Delvin Davis, Chief Superintendent Ichle Simms, Foreign Minister Fred Mitchell Assistant Superintendent Bernard Ferguson and Assistant Superintendent Freddie Lightbourne. 20 April 2024. Photo by Calvin Brown Jr RBDF