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File photo of Hank Johnson FNM MP says Family Islands being neglected

The talking shop that is the Bahamian budget debate goes on.  It is scheduled to end with the empty words of the Prime Minister on 18 June 2020. Until then, nothing said in that debate will change the world but it is an interesting window on the state of  being in the FNM. So since they won the general election with 35 seats for them to 4 seats for the PLP, here is what has happened.  Travis Robinson, Reece Chipman, Vaughn Miller and Frederick Macalpine all FNM MPs and then executives were fired. Since then Mr. Miller and Mr. Chipman have resigned from the FNM. Mr. Macalpine cuts their asses every time he gets an opportunity. Travis Robinson went crawling back to the vomit. Now Dr. Duane Sands is out having resigned in disgrace and is taking pot shots at his colleagues in the Budget Debate. Is this a stage for something else? Then Pakeisha Parker, FNM MP for West Grand Bahama and Bimini, told them they were doing a bad job.  She is a Parliamentary Secretary. Then James Albury, FNM MP For South Abaco, said that there needed to be an investigation into the bodies at Abaco.  He too went swimming back to the vomit. Then Brent Symonette, MP for St. Ann’s and former Minister,  his pockets full a money, told the Government that they are dragging their feet: stop or else.  Bottom line is, cracks on the surface.  Trouble in the camp. Deputy Speaker Don Saunders, FNM MP for Tall Pines, did his own version to Peter Turnquest, Deputy Prime Minister of “ sit down and shut up”, when Mr. Turnquest tried to interrupt MP Macalpine.  Even the logger head from South Eleuthera  Hank Johnson FNM MP told these folks, his own folks, they are running out of time and the Family Islands are being neglected. But of  course, he is really PLP. Stay tuned.