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cialis sale sick times;”>Description: Hubert Ingraham.jpg 

viagra canada nurse times;”>We would have loved to have been a fly on the wall to that conversation last Sunday between the lovely Candia Dames at the Nassau Guardian and Hubert Ingraham, viagra her favourite Prime Minister.  She got what she needed out of him and he got what he needed from her. She needed a headline. He needed to seem still relevant.  His forces are shocked it appears that despite their best endeavours to make Loretta Butler Turner look acceptable to the FNM rank and file, it is a no can do.  Dr. Hubert Minnis is tracking on the way to defeating them all when the FNM convention comes about in November this year.   It is reported to us that at their Council meeting on Thursday 4th February, the councilors mercilessly slayed Mr. Ingraham for abandoning the party in its time of need, putting bad leader on them and then doing nothing to help  They told him they did not want him back.  So the theory is that must have prompted the intervention in the press last Monday.  Ms. Dames obliged with headlines that said Mr. Ingraham was not coming back; he was done with politics.  He also said that the loss of Byron Woodside was a great loss.  He thought that the infighting in public was damaging the FNM.  God has spoken so we guess there is nothing more to say.