Ingraham Sticks His Nose In

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cialis usa cialis times;”>image030How and why does a fellow who has been Prime Minister for 15 years stick his nose into something that is not his business?  It appears that the question did not even occur to the former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham; that he is absolutely fucking irrelevant to the equation and to what happens at Bahamar.  Last week, viagra usa ampoule with friendly Candia Dames of the Nassau Guardian obliging on 13 July, recipe it was revealed that Mr. Ingraham had written the China Export Import Bank with a view to encouraging them to settling the matter with the Bahamar developer and bringing the matter to conclusion because of the economic importance of the project.  It is clear that it made no difference and the move seemed timed only to cause political confusion in his own ranks and to send the PLP into a tizzy.  Had we been in a position, we would have told his ass where to get off at and to stay out of big people’s business but the PLP is a very polite organization and told him how kind it was for him to stick his nose in.  The talks in Beijing collapsed and now it appears that the Bank will simply exercise its right under the foreclosure laws of The Bahamas.