Inigo Zenicazalaya : A Bad Comic A Homophobe A Racist

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The screenshot you see is taken from Facebook and we are only concerned with one comment, that of the first individual who we recognize as a columnist for The Tribune. The Tribune’s standards have fallen but we did not know how low. When Bennet Minnis described the Leader of the Opposition as a “black monkey”, The Tribune was in full throated indignation with major headlines. When they thought they had found on Fred Mitchell’s Facebook page a word which they said was a homophobic slur, they had stupid Fred Smith being quoted in righteous indignation. But this by their columnist Inigo Zenicazalaya, nothing but silence. Where is the righteous indignation? Where is the report that he has been dismissed as a columnist at The Tribune? Nothing. Just silence. Now we know exactly what The Tribune believes. The British editor that the Carrons have working for them would never be able to countenance this stuff in the civilization from which he comes. However, since he lives in the colonies anything goes for the natives. These are the double standards we enjoy in The Bahamas. It is fascinating though the comment itself. The “ coonery” ( a derivative of the American slur for black people “coon”) of which the bad comic Mr. Zenicazalaya speaks, shows someone who is ashamed of the African ancestry flowing through his veins. Self- hatred in a bitch. Then what is always fascinating is how these people who are so macho and hetero (so they claim) but are always worrying about boys in tight pants. If you have no interest in boys in tight pants Mr. Zenicazalaya, why do you keep talking about them? What are you looking at them for? Just asking for a friend. What a stupid fellow you are: a bad comic, a racist, a homophobe and a Tribune columnist all in one. That makes you dangerous.