Is America Run By A Criminal Enterprise?

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President Donald Trump of the US with his former lawyer  Michael Cohen, the latter now convicted of criminal conduct, in a file photo.

The story which continues to unfold drip by drip out of Washington D C is a sordid one.  It appears that the President of the United States Donald Trump is involved at the centre of a criminal conspiracy at worst and at best has surrounded himself with some pretty seedy associates.  Yet he continues to have defenders among the legislative branch of their government.  We have listed the peccadilloes here before: the insults, the misogyny, the racism.  The President of the United States has abandoned the world order that was met in place and carefully constructed since the Second World War for whatever goes when he wakes up in the morning or so it appears.  The United States under his leadership has lost its moral authority but it continues to dominate the world by the sheer might of its economy and the military force behind it.  As long as there is irrationality and it appears criminality at the centre of the American Government, then we should as smaller nations be prepared for anything.  The American press has been dogged.  They are now saying that Mr. Trump is an unindicted coconspirator in the commission of a felony.  His former lawyer Michael Cohen is slated to go to jail when sentenced.  The only thing the press says that saves Mr. Trump is that he is President of the United States and rhe craven legislators who continue to support him.