Is The Government Trying To Bribe Greenslade?

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Offering an advantage is a criminal offence in our law.  This is a fancy expression for bribing someone.  This is a scenario that we want you to consider.  The Bahamas Government and the Minister of National Security wanted Ellison Greenslade gone as Commissioner of Police.  They promised him the job as High Commissioner to the United Kingdom. He accepted.  That was not good enough.  The talk was that he needed to have his full pension which was not available because he was not in the job long enough.  So after some back and forth, they agreed to adjust the pensions act, you fit the case of one man.  The Pensions Act is now to be amended to allow Mr. Greenslade to retire with a full pension after serving only 7 years in the job as Commissioner of Police.  The call it a bill to amend the Pensions Act, but it is really  A Bill To Entice and Fix Up Ellison Greenslade So He Can Go To London Act.  Marvin Dames gets his way. His competitor is gone having been induced to do so with two things a  new  job as a diplomat and an amendment to the pensions act so he gets both salary and pension.  Is that not offering an advantage?  Independent Director of Public Prosecutions time for you to charge someone.