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generic viagra tadalafil times;”>Andre Rollins is a most curious fellow these days.  It is lonely being an opposition MP that is not even wanted by the side that you are on.  The fellows were saying the other day that he showed up at the Opposition’s rally last week in a blue shirt when the signature colour of the FNM is red.  Remember that the chair of the Public Accounts Committee who by the way is FNM MP Hubert Chipman had to tell him to sit down and shut because he didn’t know what he was talking about when he said the Government was suppressing the report of the Public Accounts Committee.   Last Wednesday the 3rd February, Mr. Rollins had another go at the  Public Accounts Committee with Mr. Chipman missing from the House, saying that he hopes that the Public Accounts Committee will do its work.  Hmmm.   The worst part of last week’s performance though was the absolute disregard which he has for the people who are working to make the Bahamas Agricultural Marine Science Institute (BAMSI) a success.  One after the next he scorched their work and their efforts and described them as amounting to a concrete jungle. He said that when he went to BAMSI he could not see any agriculture at work.  When he was called out on it, he then changed the story and said “but you’re only growing papayas”.  Interesting fellow.  Stays away from Parliament during the day.  Comes after hours, speaks after his own leader and then seeks to say anything that comes to his mouth.  Rude, uncouth, does not respect confidences.   Jerome Fitzgerald, the Minister of Education, scorched his ass from talking fool in the House.  It is just a great pity to watch someone who most people thought was a smart fellow simply sink as his now boss would say into a web of a quagmire.  All you can do is pity him.  It doesn’t pay to be seen as a sucker.  In politics, even your enemies have to be able to trust you.