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ampoule times;”>Not every good bye is gone in the case of Sarkis Izmirlian.  Now get this even though the courts have ruled against him in Nassau, he still is pretending that he runs his company.  The action for bankruptcy was dismissed by the Courts in Delaware on Tuesday 15 September. Mr. Izmirlian still wrote another letter to further confuse his employees. What is more confusing though is the legal point: what is he doing writing on the letter head of Bahamar?  He is no longer in control of that company.  How does he get to do anything on their letterhead?  The Courts need to bring that to his attention forthwith and remind him he is a turkey, baked and done.  He says that the opportunity to settle the issue in his mind has evaporated.  Well! Well !Well! Lost your life’s work eh?  How about going and sulking behind the doors of Lyford Cay and licking your wounds and thinking about  that misguided strategy of yours that caused the problem in the first place.  Mr. Izmirlian keeps blaming everyone but himself as the author if his own destruction.  There is little sympathy for him. The other point that is misleading in his latest letter is that the Government of The Bahamas owes him money. Not.  The money that is being paid for the employees is  the extent of the debt on the road works and has been fully satisfied.  Those monies are not for expatriate employees.  Bahamians only.  Meanwhile, the China Export Import Bank announced in the week of the dismissal of the action in Delaware that they will continue to support the project.  This is good news.  Now if we only get Mr. Izmirlian to shut up and go away.  And take Dionisio D’Aguilar with him who has the same foot in mouth disease on Bahamar, then perhaps we can get about the business of   getting the project up and running.  The latest from Sarkis Izmirlian is shown below.  It is meant to elicit pity and  to confuse: 

bahamar 1