Izmirlian Makes Himself Even More Irrelevant

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Since it has become now increasingly more clear that Sarkis Izmirlian, the failed developer of Bah mar will have nothing further to do with the development, he is seeking every week and every day to muddy the waters.  The thinking is that through his mouthpiece Dionysio D’Aguilar, he has been entering the public fray in The Bahamas and seeking to sully the Chinese blaming them for the failure of the developer to finish the investment.  The latest is an intervention in which Mr. Izmirlian says that the offer which the government is now settling would be a bad deal for The Bahamas because it involves the contractor China Construction who he blames for the failed development.  The problem is he is responsible for its failure.  He is suddenly appearing generous with money to say he is willing to offer to take it over and that the China Export Import Bank will not to take a haircut is laughable.  People would want to asks him, if you had the money all along why did the development fail?  Obviously, it was because he did not have the money.  The question, we keep asking is why is it that Dionysio D’Aguilar keeps thinking that the Bank owes his master a great big favour.  Why is he not to be treated like any other defaulter?  Like that woman and man in the Fox Hill constituency who despite being in their home for 15 years, had the bank take it because they missed payments.  The place sits there growing up in grass.  No relief for her.  No relief for Izmirlian.   The government thinks they are almost there and we hope so but also insist that Sarkis Izmirlian should have nothing further to do with this development.