Jack Hayward’s Children Fighting Over His Estate

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cialis buy ask times;”>You may remember that following the death of Edward St George, best cialis the former fifty per cent owner of the Grand Bahama Port Authority and its group of companies there was a big fight in the courts of The Bahamas over whether M. St. George’s partner Jack Hayward actually owned fifty per cent with Mr. St. George or there was a 75 to 25 split in favour of Sir Jack.  After years of wrangling, the parties settled that and came to a truce on how to govern the Port in Freeport.   Now another row has flared again as the government has to decide whether not to extend the privileges of the Hawksbill Creek Agreement Act to them and on what terms.  Jack Hayward is dead and his family is fighting over a trust fund and what was done to the trust while he was alive.   The question seems to be whether they can sell the shares in the Port.  Here we go again.  The real live Iago in the matter is a man named Hannes Babak who claimed to have the responsibility to get a good price for the Port’s shares for Sir Jack.  We will see how it goes.  The irony of all this is that when it comes to fighting over the shares everyone is alive and kicking.  But when Sir Albert Miller died, the man who served them all faithfully, for decades and made their riches what they are, none of them of either owner’s family could take the time out to attend his funeral.  Shows you what they really think.