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This announcement appeared in the press last week and puts the lie to all that the useless and intellectually dishonest Branville McCartney of the DNA has been saying about the failure of the government to protect the workers of Bahamar who were dumped by the developer Sarkis Ismerlian, buy cialis the man who is now trying to pretend that he is their protector.  Each time the government meets some deadline and fufils a promise, these jackasses in the Opposition and  the various Sarkis Ismerlian mouthpieces in the public domain shift the argument.  Last week they were on about how the Prime Minister misled the public in saying that everyone would be made whole.  He never said it. The PM’s anouncement was a carefully crafted, legalistic statement hemmed in with all the conditions from the start.  The further annoucements from the Committee in charge of dispensing the funds repeated those conditions.   They are not breaches.  They are necssary because no legal relations can arise out of the totally ex gratia payments being made to the creditors.  As for whether the contractors will get all their monies, 95 per cent of the contractors are owed less than 500,000 dollars.  It is expected that they will all be made whole but there are some who may exceed that and the money can only go as far as it can go.  One thing is certain, before they stood under Sarkis Ismerlian to get nothing.  So go stick it.  Really.