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While on the one hand you can have some sympathy for Janet Bostwick whose husband Henry may have been the cause of the FNM not giving her this honour of a knighthood before now, you have to remark how silly this all seems that a Bahamian woman who  pioneered the presence of women in the  sovereign Bahamian not British Parliament by being the first, would so lower herself as to accept the award from the British of a knighthood, albeit recommended by this weak  neo colonial government we have here in The Bahamas  under the FNM. It is simply a crying shame apart from being an irony.  We just can’t seem to shake the colonial vestiges off.  It’s as if this is what she always dreamed of as little girl, going to Buckingham Palace to see the Queen, only the Queen wasn’t home. Grandma sent her grandson the Duke of Cambridge, aka William, and the heir to throne to give out the award.  The new Dame was smiling from ear to ear.  This was after all what she always wanted.  The fact that she received a Bahamian honour last year which entitles her to be called Right Honourable means nothing   It is trumped by the fact that they must call her Dame.  She didn’t want the Dame here to confer it either.  NO! NO! Dame Marguerite the Governor General, a Bahamian, that was to be.  London it was.  She had her son John in tow (you remember his court case and the bullets in the bag) but her dear husband Henry was missing in action.