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It was touted as the announcement to end all announcements.  It was expected that on Monday 23d May, there would be a red letter announcement for Jeff Lloyd the talk show host. The speculation was that having not been courted by the PLP, the FNM had struck a deal with him to run for office.  Instead, the speech fell short or flat in its objective or more properly in meeting the expectations.  It was a continuation of the same, not groundbreaking, earth shattering.  Not that anything was wrong with it.  Certainly it is admirable to try to strike a middle ground, to avoid partisan fights and to work for social justice.  However, the highest profiles in this country belong rightly or wrongly to politicians.  Politics requires shamelessness; it requires a rare courage to step out on your own without regard to personal safety or financial security.   It requires stepping into the deep.  It is not a job for the cautious.  A long list of those before him like Dr. Cleveland Eneas, A Leon McKinney,  Paul Adderley and Sir Etienne Dupuch  in another generation found that out.  Mr. Lloyd would no doubt make a good politician if he can take that plunge but for now it appears he intends to remain where he is. He posted his remarks on his Facebook page.  You may click here for the full statement: