Joan Sawyer Hallucinating Politically

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The lady Dame Joan Sawyer is obviously jonesing for the public spotlight again.  This is the former President of the Court of Appeal  who intervened in the debate about  women’s rights and campaigned against gender equality in the referendum last year.  She proved herself to be a right fool and a complete disgrace and let down to women.  Having had that success, she is now back again.  This time she is in the press by letter by saying that she disagrees with the addition of a seat in the House.  She is also giving gratuitous advice to voters when MPs come a calling in the upcoming general election.  We say to these crotchety old battle axes, go sit your ass down and shut up.  You too fool.  Secondly, your arguments make no sense.  Thirdly, you have no standing in the matter.  There is a Judge of the Supreme Court on the Constituencies Commission who will guide the Commission on the law, without help from a doting miscreant.  By the way, the reason for the additional seat is because the last Commission balkanised the black votes Over The Hill, created large constituencies of 6000 or more electors, when all other constituencies were 4500.  It was a deliberate strategy by former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham to ensure the PLP’s defeat. It did not work.  So people in those areas deserve proper representation with a proper proportion of electors to MP. In addition, there should be an uneven number of seats to avoid a tie like almost happened in Jamaica last year and happened in Trinidad and Tobago in 1995. So instead of having 38 seats there will be 39 so the press says.