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So the press keeps giving the mad hatter a berth every week in the press.  Well she is not actually mad but she is eccentric and unreliable. We are talking about Dame Joan Sawyer, former President of the Court of Appeal, whose latest rant in the press was to attack the Charge of the Haitian Embassy in The Bahamas because he said that it was not a good idea to send his citizens to prison who came here as illegal or irregular migrants.  Old law and order Joan was having none of that. She attacked him and told him he should keep out of our business since he was after all a guest in our country.  She accused him of trying to tell our courts what to do and that the nerve of him. That’s all fine and good but you can take this patriotism too far. In any event, she doesn’t really believe that.  All she was doing was looking for something to row about and get another headline. The facts are that irregular migrants by most international agreements should not be sent to prison. That is why we keep telling the loony toon friends of Fred Smith that it was stupid of him to clog the courts up with illegal migrants who  give guilty pleas and then  they repatriate them, instead of simply turning them around and sending them back to Haiti or wherever they came from.  Jail is not the answer and certainly by international conventions not the place they are supposed to go.