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A constituent of the former MP for Fox Hill Senator Fred Mitchell told another that he has decided that he cannot support Mr. Mitchell again for re-election because he gave out thousands of citizenships to Haitians just before the general election. This information is a lie.  It was generated from a nutty rant by the nutty former Judge Dame Joan Sawyer.  This lady simply does not know what she is talking about.  In the rant, in which she spread this lie, she challenged Fred Mitchell to sue her if it was not true.  Why would anyone sue a fool who has not two coppers to rub together and to what end?  Madness should be treated with contempt. Why does she not sue for that if she has money and time to waste? The statement is a lie and she should withdraw it and apologise. She is an ungrateful wretch, attacking the very Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham who made her what she is today.  Shame on her.