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Senators JoBeth Coleby Davis ( Shadow Attorney General) and Fred Mitchell at the service marking the start of the legal year with Deputy Chair of the PLP Robyn Lynes 8 January 2020 at Christ Church Cathedral in Nassau

The Shadow Attorney General 
On The Opening Of The Legal Year

8 January 2020

The Progressive Liberal Party on the occasion of the opening of the legal year wishes the country to know that this occasion is not one for puffery, self-promotion and self-congratulations.  It should be a time when the Judiciary as an institution takes stock of itself and the role it plays in the administration of justice in our country.

 Our party has many concerns that have arisen by watching what has transpired in our courts over the last 12 months and the two and half years that the Free National Movement has been the government of our country.

We are concerned about the administration of justice and the advice which comes from the Office of the Attorney General. We remind the Attorney General, and the Director of Public Prosecutions, that as officers of the court their first mission is to administer justice without fear or favour or partisanship.

In a similar vein, the Courts should not be an institution where partisans are rewarded for their good works to a partisan cause. It should in fact be an institution where those of the highest standards in the law are able to administer justice. Too often within the past years, we have seen justice wanting. 

Additionally, Judges should not be afraid to dispense justice without fear or favour. 

And even where some judge now appointed has been a partisan before taking office, once taking office that partisanship must disappear.

There must be a thorough understanding of the role that judges play in administering justice and in their interactions with the police, that justice is also dispensed. There should not be double standards where one rule applies to one and another rule applies to others.

Our party remains committed to the highest standards in this regard. The party supports those who have stood up for justice and acted without fear or favour. We encourage all officers of the court to stand up for justice.  

Lastly, it is known that, the poor and dispossessed have the courts often as the last resort against tyranny, injustice and oppression.

 Therefore, the Court must continue to be that refuge and all who serve in it must not forget the central issue is not titles and robes and self-congratulations but the continued fight for fairness and justice.

We wish the judiciary has a year filled with justice and equity for our people.