John Bostwick Is Convicted

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viagra usa sovaldi sale times;”>Description: John Bostwick II leaving Magistrates Court on Wednesday morning 

(Tribune photo of the Bostwick’s at court)

It was no surprise to those who know how to read the evidence when the conviction of John Henry Bostwick Jr., former FNM Senator, was announced by the magistrate on Wednesday 16th December for possession of ammunition.  The magistrate did not believe his story that he was set up because he was on the way to being the next Prime Minister of The Bahamas.   Mr. Bostwick on cross examination had to admit that he changed his story about what happened and that change would seem to negative his original story and the credibility of it.   If he had been anyone else on the evening of 17 December when he was convicted, he would likely have spent the night in jail but instead the Magistrate adjourned the sentencing to 22 January.  Mr. Bostwick’s bail continued.  The former Senator was accompanied by his mother the first woman elected to Parliament Janet Bostwick and his father Q C John Henry Senior.   Mr. Bostwick Jr. is generally well liked by the PLP and of course he comes from a socially connected family so there was no joy amongst elites about this.  The law provides for mandatory minimum penalties which on occasion the Court of Appeal has waived.  However, many are predicting that he will get community service and conditional discharge with a fine perhaps.  Turns out Mr. Bostwick is the godfather of one of the children of Ken Dorsett, the  Minister for the Environment and  a close friend of  the Director of News at ZNS Andrew Burrows who wrote an interesting tribute to him which you can access by clicking here.