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For Immediate Release

22 July 2021.

The following statement is from the Chairman of the Progressive Liberal Party:

The PLP publicly called out John Pinder on his disrespectful, abusive, corrupt and unethical behaviour and when questioned by the media on this, much like his boss, came up with another self serving and deceitful response- he is looking into purchasing the government’s vehicle.

So the selfish, disrespectful, a abusive, deceitful and shameful behavior of former Labour Director turned FNM politician continues.

He openly campaigned in Fox Hill while he sat as a civil servant in violation of General Orders while he tried to fix himself up financially. This was selfish, disrespectful, abusive of his office and corrupt. 

He politicized the concerns of union leaders as the sitting arbiter conciliator of labour disputes. This was unethical and deceitful. 

He refused to do his job as Labour Director – endorsing the dismissal of 700 Atlantis employees without proper redundancy compensation. This is incompetence, deceitful and selfish.

These developments and behavioural traits are instructive for the residents of Fox Hill because at every opportunity, John Pinder demonstrates why he is unfit to represent the people of Fox Hill.

Mr. Pinder’s conduct, obviously encouraged by the  Prime Minister, is a poor reflection on the FNM. 

John Pinder is shameless and a total disgrace as a public official. 

He must be rejected.