John Pinder Needs To Heal Himself

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viagra sovaldi times;”>john_pinder
discount cialis pilule times;”>John Pinder, for sale the Leader of the Bahamas National Congress of Trades Unions (NCTU) told the press at a demo on Friday 11th September that he wants the trade unions to rally round and unite around one opposition party.  The forces are gathering. Both the former Deputy Prime Minister Brent Symoentte and FNM chair Michael Pintard have said they would be open to a coalition of forces.  Then rumours began to fly that Deputy Leader of the DNA Chris Mortimer would abandon Branville McCartney and join the FNM. He denied that as quickly as the story came out.  But back to Mr. Pinder who supports the FNM.  He said that he wants the Opposition to unite but he cannot to get the unions to unite to have one parade at Labour Day.  Go figure.  Physician heal thyself!